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My heart is as gray as the sky

pale, lifeless, and gloomy

the rain that pours

signifies the pain I feel




I should be used to this

no light, no warmth

no one to keep me warm

the dull weather will be gone soon

by my rain will constantly pour

only you can save me from this

only you…..



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Photo Credit: Google

I admit that I am not the nicest person in the world, but I am trying to be one.
I can be really evil at times, but I am trying to be good all the time.
I treat people with respect. Most especially, I try to be the best kind of friend to my friends and loved ones.
Like you, I really treat and treasure you like how I treat my friends.
I don‘t talk behind your back.
I am sincere.

But there are times that I feel like you don‘t treat me as a friend, that you are not sincere, that you are fake.
I feel that you treat me as a last resort. That hurts me.
Sometimes I don‘t know you anymore.

Now I want to ask you why.
Why do you treat me that way?
Why do you make me feel bad?
What did I do wrong?

There are times that I wish I did not met you, that we did not became friends.
However, I could not imagine what would I be like if we never became friends.
You are still a part of my life.
We shared each other‘s life stories.
You are still my friend.

Painful Reminder


                  Always distinguish reality from make-believes

         Never hope in what‘s not real

             Don‘t assume things

  You‘re also at fault

                          There won‘t be a happy ending if there‘s no beginning at all

           Don‘t be a fool to always believe in happy endings

    Just accept the fact that some things are just not meant to be

You‘re just an anybody, not a somebody

                  Move on..
                         Though it will be hard to forget
                                 Just move on and smile
                                                      Smile even if it‘s hard
                                                                  At least, just smile


Why does it seems I chase people away?

they just don’t stay

it is not okay

I don’t know what to say


it makes me sad

I am hurt

it’s hard to ignore this kind of feeling

it’s worsening…





I can’t help but to feel gloomy

while reminiscing those moments that seemed so happy

Thinking that it might not happen again

Here I am regretting all of a sudden

Time pass so fast

and  not all things will last

They always say “enjoy every moments like it’s the last”

I say, “how can I…





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